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What does the title "The Lights in the Tunnel" mean?

The book uses a unique approach: it creates a mental simulation (or imaginary video game) based on "lights in a tunnel" in order to help the reader visualize the future economic and social impact of job automation, offshoring and accelerating technology.

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About the Author

Martin Ford is the founder and CEO of a Silicon Valley based software development firm. He has over 25 years experience in the fields of computer engineering and software development. He holds an MBA degree from the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA and an undergraduate degree in computer engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.



Technology and Society

How fast can we expect technological change to occur in the coming years and decades--and how will advancing technology affect society and the economy? Is it likely that technology will ultimately bring about dramatic, permanent changes to both society and our economic system?



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technology society

A groundbreaking new PDF eBook looks at the economy, markets and society of the future--and how they will be impacted by accelerating technology. Other questions addressed:

Does IT investment cause unemployment?

Effects of technology on society

will advancing automation technology always make society as a whole more wealthy?

Future computer Technology Trends
Globalization. Collaboration. Telecommuting. Are these the forces that will shape the workplaces of the future? Or is there something bigger lurking?
How will The Technological Singularity affect the market economy?
How will artificial intelligence (AI) affect the job market?
How will automation technology affect the global labor force?
How will computers be used in the future?
How will exponentially advancing technology impact the economy in the future?
How will job automation impact China?
How will nanotechnology influence the economy?
How will people earn money in the future?
How will technology affect society in the future?
How will the economy work in the age of intelligent machines?
Is the current global financial crisis related to advancing information technology?
Is accelerating technology related to unemployment?
Is automation or offshoring a bigger threat to IT workers?

Does the future belong to China? How will advancing technology affect China, its society and economy?
Future nanotechnology - Effects on the Economy and Society
The impact of robotics and artificial intelligence technology on society and the economy

How will the offshore outsourcing trend evolve in the coming years? Does outsourcing cause unemployment?

What impact will technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and nanotechnology have on the job market? Will they lead to unemployment and low wages, or economic growth and prosperity?

Which jobs and industries are likely to be most vulnerable to automation and offshoring / outsourcing?

Globalization. Collaboration. Telecommuting. Are these  the economic forces that will shape the workplaces of the future?

What are the economic implications of advancing automation technology for developing nations such as China and India?

How will job automation and robots impact the economy in the future? Will we have structural unemployment?

Did technology play a significant role in the 2007 subprime meltdown and the subsequent global financial crisis, recession and skyrocketing unemployment? What role will technology play in recovery?